Curated by The Italian Selection team

The Italian Selection is the first wine club, exclusive for the US market, that takes you on a journey to the discovery of unique, interesting, high quality bottles produced by small, passion drenched wineries from all over Italy: a highly curated selection of wines brought directly to your doorstep.

It was born thinking about all the many curious, passionate wine lovers across the Country who are looking to develop their wine culture and experience, constantly growing their cellars with new, refined bottles.

The Italian Selection addresses this desire by giving its members access to a choice of hidden gems: an heterogeneous and ever expanding selection of excellent wines united by the authentic passion of their producers, family owned wineries with amazing stories to tell. To get to know them and to get to live them is, to us, an essential part of the experience; the only possible way to truly discover and appreciate a bottle of wine.

Just like a real club, The Italian Selection is a digital space where to explore and deepen the interest for the Italian wine world and lifestyle: events, wineries virtual - or real - tours, pairing tutorials are just some of our ways to take the experience to the next level.



Behind The Italian Selection there is a ‘dream team’ – as we like to call it – with a solid, all-round expertise of the wine world.

Selected by Carlo Ferrini

One of the best and well-known winemaking consultants of the world to guarantee the high quality of the each and every bottle selected.

Presented by Marco Scapagnini

An enthusiastic and charismatic ambassador of authentic Italian food, wine and lifestyle to guide you into an all-round experience in the wine world.

Designed by Giovanni Rotino


Illustrated by Mauro Fermariello


Animated by Olivia Ruk


Delivered by Roberto Magello


Managed by Fabio Croci



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