We intend to favor small scale over size, diversity over stereotyping, novelty in taste compared to unified models, personal and family commitment to the engineering of processes, the Italy of people more than famous destinations.

Corrado Ruffini

This is our aspiration. Join us if you share it!

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Wine fan

Selection of 2 bottles
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For interest in a certain kind of wine that you have recently discovered. Follow that sparkle and see where it leads.

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Wine enthusiast

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An interesting bottle of wine is a must-have in your house. You don’t settle with the average and you are eager to expand your wine tastes.

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Wine lover

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To you, nothing tops a refined bottle of wine. You love tasting it, but you also appreciate its story, its heritage, its culture. It is a passion that you look to nourish by discovering new, hidden gems.

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I was fascinated by this project, putting together small high quality wineries, with a story to tell, united by the passion of the owners and the families who work there. I immediately wanted to be part of this mission, selecting and helping to grow small Italian gems.

Carlo Ferrini