The Poderi Luigi Einaudi Winery was built around what was the Einaudi family’s holiday lodge for a long time and keeps the charm and familiarity of a private home, where guests are welcomed like friends, to sip an excellent wine by the fireplace, have a snack in the garden in winter and relax with a dip in the swimming pool during the summer.

It is located in the middle of the incredible area of Langhe and Roero, twin lands, ideally divided by the Tanaro. The first (the Langa) is in the south and its landscape is dominated by gentle slopes, characterized by rows of vineyards that produce the most famous wines in the world, while the second (the Roero) is in the north, characterized not only by hills, but also by almost “karstic” rock and striking rocky walls. Known also for the production of the renowned Piedmont hazelnuts, the Langhe have been distinguished for decades for the production of fine wine.

Their terroir is in fact especially fertile and is made of a combination of calcareous clay (which produces the most full-bodied wines in the Langa), soft and sandy soil (which gives us the fruity whites of the Roero) and a fresh air that benefits from the influence of both the sea and the Alps. This is a land that has to be discovered, as well as tasted.



Located in the spectacular setting above the hills of Dogliani and overlooking the Tanaro River Valley, Poderi Luigi Einaudi Winery is today in Matteo hands, Paola’s son, who is at the head of the operations. He was educated at a Steinerian school and graduated in architecture. The long sojourns in the Langhe, the walks as a child through the vineyards with his grandfather Roberto, instilled in him the love of the land “until it became an obsession, a deeply-rooted feeling”. A keen student of the history of art, especially modern and contemporary, Matteo absorbed the family’s values, passions and traditions: an important legacy that he was committed to enhancing, accepting the challenges of globalization and transforming the Poderi Luigi Einaudi into a brand known throughout the world.

He recently finished the renovation works, opening the spectacular new cellar, with over 40 concrete vats, and the tasting room facing the vineyards with an open space kitchen to invite friends and buyers to enjoy their wines paired with the best local food like tajarin and veal tonnato.

The total production is still very small comparing to the potential capacity, in order to achieve the goal of the best quality products. Dolcetto Dogliani Sueriore DOCG, Barolo Cannubi and Bussia DOCG and Langhe Barbera DOC are the wines that made this producer famous in this side of the Langhe.



It is said that Luigi Einaudi never missed a harvest, even during the long years spent in Rome, as governor of the Banca d’Italia, Minister and President. As a farmer, Luigi Einaudi displayed intelligence and far-sightedness. When he used rooted grafts on American rootstock to combat phylloxera, he brought modern viticulture to the Langhe. He decided in 1915 to create a cellar to produce and bottle wine, rather than just selling the grapes. He at once began to buy vineyards that enjoyed a particular position, exposure and soil quality in order to produce the best wines. He left the management of the lands and the vines to tenants and their families so they would share in the prosperity that they helped create. Every estate was given independence, a revolutionary approach to managing properties in those days. He restored the farmhouses and provided those who worked the land with tractors, mechanical elevators, mowing machines and trailers to help with transport, lighten the work in the fields and improve the living conditions of the country folk.

After him, the company was led by his second child Roberto, born in Dogliani, in the Farmhouse of San Giacomo. During his school years in Turin, he came into contact with significant figures of the period – Pavese, Bobbio, Mila – who left a profound mark on his professional growth. A mechanical engineer, he began a promising career in the iron and steel industry and was among the founders, with Agostino Rocca, of the Techint group. But the bond with Dogliani was never broken: he poured commitment and energy into his beloved land, always a point of reference for the family and the company, the silent engine of its renewal. His grandson Matteo remembers him as an eternal optimist, curious and passionate, confident in humanity’s capacity to achieve anything.

At the end of the 1980s, Paola, Roberto’s daughter, left her job in Milan and moved to Dogliani, together with Giorgio Ruffo, her lifelong companion, to work alongside her father in managing the Poderi. With tenacity, enthusiasm and major investments, she relaunched the historic brand, achieved new commercial success and improved the quality of the wines, which, under her management, became extremely elegant, maintaining the territory’s typical qualities. She strengthened the company’s base and created an excellent working group, still today the greatest heritage of Poderi Luigi Einaudi. She loved the land and the people and played an active role in the community of Dogliani. According to her son, Matteo, Paola was “the one who most treasured the values of the family, the countryside and the land”.

Selected varietals

A wine of great class that expresses the characteristics of the individual sub-zones from which the grapes that compose it come from, in particular the power of Bussia (in Monforte d’Alba) sweetened by the elegance of Cannubi (in Barolo) in a perfect balance guaranteed by Terlo (Village of Barolo). With the vintage 2017 we will add also the grapes of Monvigliero (In Verduno). With a brilliant red color slightly amber with time, exuberant in its fragrance of fruit and spices, of great body, full and velvety with a long final taste of rosemary and spices. The tannic characteristics guarantee a long life in bottle in the best vintages, also 20 years. The first production has been about 11.000 bottles.

Barolo, as described by Matteo Sardagna

From the Barbera grapes of the Einaudi vineyards at San Luigi and San Giacomo in Dogliani, is born this wine of great character, ruby red in color with tones of garnet. It has an intense and mature aroma, is full bodied, has a taste of red berries and is refined by the tannins of wood, which renders it soft and complex. Some months of ageing in oak barrels large and small, then some months in glass which completes the refinement. The annual production is of 21.000 bottles.

Barbera, as described by Matteo Sardagna