Meet the Founders

You have come this far and are probably wondering not only who the founders are, but also: was there really a need for another e-commerce site for wine? And how is this site different from the others? And why should I become a member of this club instead of one of the others?

To answer these questions, allow us to say a few words about how this initiative was born and the ideals that guide us.

The Italian Selection was born from the desire of three passionate connoisseurs of wine and the country of Italy to introduce other enthusiasts to those little gems of winemaking excellence that characterize Italian production.

We are three wine lovers who love wine not only as an expression of a vine, grown on a certain soil, exposed to certain microclimatic conditions and the result of appropriate winemaking processes but, above all, of wine as an entity capable of evoking and representing the history of a place (terroir as our French cousins ​​would say), its culture, and traditions.

And we are Italians, proud sons of this wonderful land and its richness and variety of wines that have cultivated and refined memories of lands and vines. Alongside the great names, there are thousands of small producers some of them of excellent quality and absolute interest but without the strength and the ability to reach distant markets.

And, finally, we are three enthusiasts who, after sharing this knowledge and passion with our friends for years, have finally found the best companions to translate their vision into reality. Besides Fabio, our project leader with an incredible ability to manage highly complex endeavours: Marco, our wine ambassador with almost twenty years of experience in promoting wine and the discovery of the less-known Italy in the US; Carlo, one of the best winemakers in the world; Mauro, a photographer capable of capturing all the elements we have highlighted in his shots; Giovanni, our creative, who is putting into order what we feel and desire to express.

We begin our journey at the end of 2020, during the difficult time of the pandemic. We consider it an act of hope and trust in the future for all. We have selected the first 7 wineries that meet our criteria and the wine or wines that, in our opinion, best represent them. We sincerely hope that you want to taste them and appreciate all the elements described above in the events that our wine ambassador will organize with them. In the coming months we will continue our selection as we will propose new wineries and new wines. Always with the same spirit and without forcing the pace.


We would be honoured should you decide to support us and join our club.
We will do our part to make every effort to exceed your best expectations.


Corrado Ruffini, Andrea Cornelli, Fabio Croci