The Italian Selection Events Calendar


Discovery events: these events are a way to live the lifestyle of the niche wineries selected by The Italian Selection, making a virtual journey inside the territory, meeting the producers, the winemakers, the family that owns the estate and being part of it for a day.

You will listen to their stories, visiting their properties, understand the tradition and the ideal food pairings and local recipes that are perfect with their wine productions.
To attend our live Discover TIS events you need to be part of our FB group either explicitly requesting it on the official The Italian Selection FB page or simply putting a like on our FB page: we will invite you to join the FB Group and become part of the Italian family!
Recordings of the Discover TIS events will be available - along with much more interesting content - after the event accessing the FB Group page.


Tasting events (The Italian Selection members only): Tasting events are an opportunity to be educated on a specific kind of wine, grape varietal or area of production, directly from our experts and producers in Italy, tasting the wine together via Zoom.
Once a member, you need to sign-up to the event through our website and then buy the special "TIS tasting package" containing the number of bottles necessary for the interactive wine tasting. You'll receive a registration confirmation email pending approval; based on number of participants, according to a "first-come-first-serve" policy, our staff will send final confirmation with acceptance/denial email to the email addressed provided in the registration form.
Allowed participants will enjoy live tasting events! Members will also have access to recorded video footage of the tasting event afterwards.

Looking forward to meet you "in person"!


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Marco Scapagnini
Wine & Wineries US Ambassador