Curated by The Italian Selection team


Behind The Italian Selection there is a ‘dream team’ – as we like to call it – of professionals with a solid, all-round expertise of the wine world.

Selected by Carlo Ferrini

One of the best and well-known winemaking consultants of the world to guarantee the high quality of the each and every bottle selected.

Presented by Marco Scapagnini

An enthusiastic and charismatic ambassador of authentic Italian food, wine and lifestyle to guide you into an all-round experience in the wine world.


The 'dream team' is supported by a multi-disciplinary passionate support team, committed to deliver the best experience from online to your doorstep!

Managed by Fabio Croci

25 years of experience at the cross-roads of business, technology, operations and digital, managing complexity and making things happen.

Delivered by Roberto Magello

Based in Pennsylvania, with 20+ years experience in developing commercial relationships for Italian companies in the US market, through market research and matching operations and logistics.

Coordinated by Olivia Ruk

Young and talented New Yorker specializing in digital marketing strategy & e-commerce of the food, wine, and travel industries.

Branded by Giovanni Rotino

Long lasting experience in crafting brand communication and client relationship strategies for Italian luxury & fashion brands.

Illustrated by Mauro Fermariello

Graduated in Agriculture, continued to work in the countryside but on the other ... side of the camera, to pursue his life-passion for photography.