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Palazzo di Varignana is a project hinged around the recovery and regeneration of historic buildings, abandoned rural lands, and farmhouses along with crops that have been discontinued. 
This project intends to bring forward values such as tradition, local area, excellence, and health.

Founded in 2015, the agricultural estate stretches today over 500 hectares of land. 
Thanks to the restoration of the ancient varieties of native olive trees, extending for 200 hectares, Palazzo di Varignana produces one of the most awarded and recognised extra virgin olive oil in the world.
Alongside the olive groves, there are also 50 hectares of vineyards, 3,000 square meters of vegetable gardens, a vast orchard, and an original and rare crop of saffron.

The line of products under the brand "Palazzo di Varignana" includes 5 types of the finest extra virgin olive oil (of which three are monocultivar and two are blends), the Sangiovese Superiore Romagna DOC wine, delicious jams, and fruit juices, precious saffron pistils, salts flavored with medicinal herbs and Goji berries.