The island of Sardinia is the farthest from the Italian peninsula, located in between the Tirrenean coasts and the Baleari Islands in Spain. It is a very big region, full of interesting sights, old traditions and a lot of wild untouched beaches, meadows and tons of sheep breeding. For this reason, Sardinia is the first producer of Pecorino cheese in the world! Driving around the island, you can find a lot of Bronze Age archeological sites and also remote villages where time seems to have stopped thousands of years ago. Sardinia is an island with a strong vocation for viticulture. It features several geographical wine areas and each of them is different in terms of soil, climate and grape varieties cultivated.
Quartomoro di Sardinia looks at this incredible wine diversity as an endless source of inspiration and desires to embody the same intertwining of grapes, experiences and cultures shown by its motherland.


The winery, specifically, is located in the beautiful area of Arborea on the south east side of the island. It is a unique gem in terms of natural environment, as it features a big pond called s’Ena Arrubia – home of a large number of birds, and, of course, the sea. Marina d’Arborea is a wide sandy beach, surrounded by a magnificent, shady pine forest. Close to the pond, there are little fishing villages where one can taste amazing and unusual traditional dishes. The area is also famous for its dairy products and its strawberries, to which a local food fair is dedicated each year.

This part of the coast was once submerged under the sea, and re-emerged thanks to a huge volcanic eruption in the bronze age. Also for this reason around the vineyards the soil is mainly composed of Obsidian, a volcanic stone of ancient origin that mixed with silicon creates tiny crystals rich in iron and other minerals typical of igneous rocks. The hot Sardinian summer temperatures make the grapes ripen quickly in the vineyard, in fact the harvest usually begins in August.



If you have any curiosity about Sardinian wines, you’ll find all the answers – and much more – by talking to Alberto, the 20-year-old son of Piero Cella and his wife Luciana, founders of the Quartomoro of Sardinia. Despite his young age, Alberto has an incredible, rich knowledge of the winemaking art. It is not surprising that this passion was naturally inherited from his parents, who opened this winery out of an authentic emotional bond with the wines and the territory.

Quartomoro di Sardinia is characterized by differentiation and experimentation. It was initially used by Piero himself to research and test different ideas to learn more about his own wines. This led him naturally to develop it into what it is today, a kind of ‘workshop of ideas’ where new wines are created. Day after day, the Cella family works hard to valorize and enhance the native grape varieties of Sardinia by creating great wines with minimal intervention in the vineyard and in the winery, by respecting the natural winemaking process. They are committed to a mission: to produce wines that can catch the essence of their motherland, Sardina, one of the most interesting territories in terms of biodiversity in Europe.



Quartomoro di Sardegna is a small, rather young, evolving winery. Its production is characterized by great differentiation: an interesting range of wines coming from a good variety of grapes, to each of which a few hectares of land is designated.

Among these plots, there is one that is truly one of kind, a unique vineyard that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. A few miles in the direction of the sea past the winery, there is a stunning natural eucalyptus forest. These scented, silent and tall trees - quite suddenly - clear up, leaving room to an incredible number of prickly pears. Within this juicy and sugary forest, there is a small piece of land, to which the prickly pears serve as a fence. Amazingly enough, it is a vineyard: on sandy soil, in front of the sea, where antique vermentino grapes are grown, alongside spontaneous figs and pomegranate trees.

This hectare of land, with its strong identity and connection to the surrounding environment, well expresses the daily philosophy and mission by which this family-owned winery is run: to produce wines that can truly be the expression of Sardinia and its great biodiversity, by respecting and enhancing nature.

Selected varietals

A real symbol of Sardinia, Cannonau originates in the Dorgali area, in the central part of the Region. It is a very important wine with great structure, color and aromas. Concentration in the mouth is also typical of this kind of grape that grows in an area with low rainfall. Depending on the area of Sardinia, various kinds of Cannonau can be found. Quartomoro gives us great satisfaction in terms of wine balance.

Cannonau, as described by Carlo Ferrini

Originally from Gallura, in the north-east side of the Island, Vermentino is one of the most important and developed Italian white grapes. All the qualities of the Cannonau can be also found in the Vermentino, a wine with important and persistent aromas but also of great structure. Quartomoro Orriu features good acidity and good length, typical of all the great Vermentini. There are many kinds of this wine, but this concentration, length and importance is characteristic of the Sardinian one. Once again, the winery has done a great job on this wine.

Vermentino, as described by Carlo Ferrini