Umbria is the kind of place that once you have discovered it, you can never forget it. To wander around this land, eyes filled with its incredible beauty, is somehow an inspiring yet soothing experience. Gentle green hillsides dotted with vineyards and olive trees, with rivers and brooks sparkling down the valleys and plains. In this area, history and culture come alive through beautiful hamlets, medieval castles and historical towns.


Bevagna, very close to Lorenzo Mattoni winery, is surrounded by medieval walls with a Roman heart. It is a treasure chest of ancient buildings, monasteries and Roman remains of unquestionable charm. Entering Bevagna means going back in time. Its inhabitants even honor the centuries-old traditions through truly suggestive historical re-enactments. Walking around town, it is possible to discover many little shops where master craftsmen still carry out ancient techniques.

Another site of unrivaled beauty is Montefalco. Thanks to its geographic position, it has earned the reputation of Umbria’s scenic terrace, as it allows an enchanting view of Perugia, Assisi, Foligno, Spello, Spoleto and a glimpse of the Apennine in the distance. Protected by medieval walls, it is rich in art and historical landmarks.



The Mattoni estate is nestled in the rolling hills of Bevagna, where the Sagrantino grape has been cultivated for centuries. In these picturesque vineyards, Lorenzo Mattoni produces his amazing Montefalco Sagrantino.

Each year, the amount of wine produced varies according to natural conditions; each bottle is therefore labeled with an individual number, corresponding to the total production of that year.

From the vineyard to the wine cellar, every choice is addressed at achieving the best possible result, with minimum intervention. The grapes are harvested manually, clusters are destemmed and berries are hand-sorted prior to fermentation. The grapes are fermented and macerated on the skins under temperature-controlled conditions for 35 days. After soft pressing, the skins are removed from the juice. The wine is transferred into cement tanks where a spontaneous malolactic fermentation occurs. After settling, the wine is placed to rest in 30 hl Slavonian oak for about 17 months of aging.

This careful and patient process gives Lorenzo Mattoni’s Sagrantino extraordinary longevity, allowing it to be aged for as long as 30 years.



Everything you need to know about Lorenzo Mattoni and his wine, about his story and the passion that nourishes his work, can be entirely described by a single illustration: the one displayed on the label of his Montefalco Sagrantino. On a soft ocher background, farmed vines grow neat and tidy into the shape of a human bust; the dominant color is green, that of the grape leaves. Yet, deep into this tangled vine, there is a bright dash of color: a deep red grape bunch. A heart. Because, sometimes, wine is far more than a product. It is a vibrant bond, a living connection with those we have loved: a way to honor and remember those who preceded us.

Lorenzo Mattoni’s wine, the unique Montefalco Sagrantino, carries on a project that was extremely dear to his father, Lodovico. From him, Lorenzo inherited his passion and love for the Sagrantino grape and for Umbria, Bevagna in particular, where the winery is located. It was his father’s idea to recover hectares of land in the area to grow local Sagrantino grapes and to produce it dry instead of using the traditional “passito” method.

Today, from these dry-farmed vines, carefully and lovingly cultivated, Lorenzo Mattoni produces a truly unique and precious Sagrantino, a single terroir wine of both incredible elegance and complexity; a direct expression of its majestic motherland.

Selected varietals

Sagrantino is a very ancient grape varietal, grown in the center of the Umbria Region between the villages of Montefalco and Bevagna. It has been protected by the DOCG since 1992. It’s a very particular wine that needs to be loved and understood. It reminds one of a Sangiovese - very rich, with an intense ruby color and the strong presence of tannins. It is a ‘strong’ and ‘bold’ wine. A perfect pairing with plates based on wild game - like boar - spicy sauces or red meat.

Sagrantino di Montefalco, as described by Carlo Ferrini